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Dry Faster, Dry Better

Waiting for items to air dry is very time consuming, but necessary depending on the manufacturer’s care instructions or fragility of the item. Air drying methods include drying racks, drip drying for hours upside down, or drying upright with a paper towel sticking out.

If you don’t want to wait for any of those options, there’s always my favorite, the spoon technique. This is where I use the butt of a wooden spoon and manipulate a paper towel inside to get the container dry so I can put it away. On tall items with narrow openings, I try my hardest not to let the paper towel get stuck inside. These are all the reasons why I invented DryMeister. I wanted to dry faster, and better, and now you can too.

Check out how you can dry a vase:

Check out how you can dry the inside of a carafe:

Check out how you can dry the inside of a reusable water bottle:

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