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DryMeister Starter Kit Highlighted in theSkimm’ and MIC

Updated: Apr 26

We are excited to share a few recent articles that highlight our product, the DryMeister Starter Kit.

DryMeister Starter Kit Highlighted - theSkimm MIC

The first article, posted on theSkimm’ on April 1, 2024, is titled "23 Lazy Cleaning Products for When You Just Can’t". Our DryMeister product was invented for that very reason. It dries the inside of bottles and containers that you just can’t reach by hand. Using DryMeister lets you dry and put away those water bottles, protein shakers, hydration bladders, vases, decanters . . . you get the idea. Air drying or twisting paper towels and jamming them inside are a thing of the past. With DryMeister, now you can!

The second mention is from MIC where our DryMeister Starter Kit was highlighted as one of "55 cool new things on Amazon that are pure genius". A snippet from the April 20, 2024 post states ". . .To save you time, here are just some of the cool new things on Amazon that are pure genius. Get ready for a whole lot of 'Yep, definitely need that ... and that,' because this list is chock-full of good stuff you’ll wish you knew about sooner." We couldn’t agree more.

Thanks to theSkimm’ and MIC for including DryMeister in your lineups of innovative and useful products.



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