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DryMeister News

Introducing DryMeister

Product Launch (11/10/22)

Growth Leader Reaching All 50 States (03/19/24)

DryMeister is an innovative, patented drying tool that quickly and effectively dries the inside of containers and areas that are hard to reach. The specially designed drying heads attach to a flexible handle making it easy to reach and dry that annoying leftover water after washing and rinsing. The drying heads are disposable, and they’re made of an absorbent material that wicks water and locks it in.

Now you can actually dry your items and put them away. Unless you like waiting hours for that water to air dry. Or you like cluttered countertops filled with drying racks and upside down items that are drip drying, or even upright containers with paper towels sticking out. Maybe you like scuzzy glass. If so, this product’s not for you. Otherwise, from baby bottles to wine carafes and everything in between, DryMeister is the solution for Drying Made Easier.

Product Features

  • Reusable flexible handle

  • Reusable yet disposable drying heads

  • Designed for use in containers 1” wide or greater

  • Leaves a dry, streak-free finish on most surfaces

  • Keeps containers free of scum

  • Individually wrapped drying heads stay clean and dry until ready to use

  • Easy to store

  • A clean alternative to using dirty dish towels for drying

  • Frees up countertop space by not having to leave items out to air dry

  • Refills available in 2 sizes and sold separately

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