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  • How long does a drying head last?
    This depends on a few things: Condition of the container. For example, if a container is washed but has leftover residue from not being properly dried previously, then DryMeister will get the container dry, but you may notice discoloration on the drying panels from things like red wine or scum buildup from the bottom of a container that wasn’t able to be reached before DryMeister. If this is the case, consider re-washing and re-drying the container with a fresh drying head to reduce the risk of bacteria and scum exposure. Amount of surface area being dried. Be sure to manipulate DryMeister inside a container to maximize its drying capabilities. If DryMeister becomes wet due to coming in contact with a large amount of water, we recommend you use a fresh drying head to finish the job. If they become discolored from coming in contact with leftover food or beverage, consider using a fresh drying head. Caution should be taken reusing drying heads if they inadvertently pick up germs or bacteria during use. It’s up to you. DryMeister drying heads may be used multiple times before being disposed of, either on several containers, or on separate drying occasions. The time at which they are thrown away is at the user’s discretion.
  • Are drying heads machine washable?
    No. DryMeister drying heads are disposable, yet reusable. Reuse of drying heads is at the user’s discretion. They are not machine washable or dishwasher safe but can be air dried in between use and used again. Learn more:
  • How do I dry the inside of my reusable water bottle?
    Depending on the size of the opening, use a Standard or Small drying head. After washing your reusable water bottle, you are ready to dry the inside with DryMeister. Insert the head with the handle, rotate around, and dry up and down. To reach corners, you can trap one of the drying head panels with the tip and then rotate around to dry. See Video:
  • How to dry your delicate stemware (wine glass & champagne glass)?
    After you have washed your wine or champagne glass, use DryMeister to dry the inside of your glass. You don't need to wait for your stemware to air dry anymore. With DryMeister, reduce the chance of breaking a glass while drying it with a towel. Plus, drying your stemware immediately after washing helps prevent water spots from forming. How to dry your wine glass:
  • What is the best way to dry the inside of my baby bottle?
    With DryMeister, you can say goodbye to air drying and drying racks. Air drying can expose baby bottles to unwanted dust, germs and excessive moisture. In seconds, you can dry the inside of your baby bottle. How to dry the inside of baby bottles:
  • How to dry dry the inside of small containers and vases?
    DryMeister reaches nooks and crannies on the inside of your small containers, like vases, which prevents scum buildup and hard water spots. The DryMeister small drying head allows you to get inside any opening that is 1" or greater. Example of how to dry the inside of a vase:
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