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$24.99 Starter Kit

Starter Kit - Bottle Drying Brush for Water Bottles, Baby Bottles, Vases, Wine Glasses and Decanters - Includes Long Flexible Handle with 6 Absorbent Drying Heads.

BOTTLE DRYER - Designed for openings 1" wide or greater. For small openings, insert a single drying arm first followed by the rest of the drying head for easier access. DO NOT USE for openings less than 1". Make sure the handle is securely attached to the drying head before using.

DRIES IN SECONDS - Quickly and efficiently dries the inside of containers and hard-to-reach areas. Individually wrapped drying heads are easy to store, and stay clean and dry until ready to use.

LESS SCUM BUILDUP - Helps reduce scum buildup due to standing water collecting dust and debris at the base. Use DryMeister instead of dirty dish towels for drying. Specially designed drying heads wick, absorb and lock in water.

"Such a great product! A must for your kitchen!"

Tricia K.

"Very impressed and a perfect gift."

Marcin M.

"Dries the inside of my water bottles."

Jill W.

"Dries my tiny bottles."

Brian H.

"No more post party glassware blues!"

Cari C.

"Works as advertised."

Charles W.


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Starter Kit - Available on Amazon

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