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DryMeister Tips & Tricks: How to Reach & Dry the Bottom of Bottles

Updated: May 5

We all know that drying the base and corners of bottles is near impossible when we can’t reach all the way down inside. Run-of-the-mill methods for drying water bottles, decanters, vases, baby bottles and even water bladders are ineffective, usually leaving moisture behind. This can result in the unwelcome buildup of scum, mold, bacteria and odors. Enter DryMeister. In this third Tips & Tricks blog post of our four-part series, we'll delve into some useful pointers that may even make you excited to dry the inside of these tricky containers.

First, Understand the Silicone Tip's Purpose

The tip on DryMeister’s drying head gives you the ability to push a drying arm into the corners of your bottles and literally wipe them dry. It’s made of silicone and has some give, so it won’t scratch any surfaces. Its purpose is to essentially act like your finger; imagine pushing a towel into the corner to dry it. DryMeister does the same thing, but on a smaller scale.

While our hands don’t fit in small neck containers, DryMeister does. But remember, only in openings that are 1” wide or bigger. If you haven't read part 1 of this series, we go into more detail about getting inside small openings.

How to Reach & Dry the Bottom of Bottles

One Swift Motion to Reach & Dry the Bottom of Bottles

It’s really easy. Immediately after inserting a drying head, use the tip to push a single drying arm against the side surface and all the way down to the bottom, pinning the arm into the corner where a lot of the moisture pools. Let DryMeister do the work by wicking and absorbing that water. When you remove it from the bottle, you don’t need to worry about water dripping back inside due to the moisture locking power of the DryMeister material.

With its innovative design and maneuverability, DryMeister is the one and only solution for reaching and drying the corners of your bottles and odd-shaped containers. To get started with this patented product, visit the Starter Kit.


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