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The Others Clean, We Dry

Updated: Apr 30

Welcome to the inaugural DryMeister blog. You’re not alone. There are countless people frustrated with drying containers and areas that are hard to reach. Sure there are kitchen gadgets and tools out there to help you wash and scrub those items, but there is nothing to help you actually dry them. Or rather, there wasn’t anything out there until now. Introducing DryMeister, a patented product that will improve and change the way you dry.

With DryMeister, you don’t need to use drying racks, or clutter up your countertops with things air drying for hours. Some manufacturers say their items are dishwasher safe, but they still come out wet after a full cycle; they either have to be dried by hand or air dried. Silicone and plastic bags and containers are notorious for this. Using DryMeister means less of a chance for water spots and scum to build up on glass items that you can’t reach inside to dry. Also, the risk of exposure to bacteria and germs is reduced by not using dirty dish towels for drying. Thankfully, DryMeister removes these pain points from your everyday life.

Most surprisingly, you will see for yourself that sometimes there is residue at the bottom of containers you’ve already washed and air dried or dried by hand. The first time you use DryMeister on these things, it will pick up leftover residue as the drying panels move within the container. When you remove DryMeister, you may see things like red wine and coffee that have been left inside due to the inability to properly dry these items after washing.

We can’t wait to dry with you.


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