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DryMeister Tips & Tricks: How to Dry the Inside of Your Bottles in Just a Few Steps

Welcome to the final Tips & Tricks blog in our four-part series. To recap, you’ve learned how to insert the drying head, dry the sides of containers, and reach and dry the bottom. Finally, we will fill in the gaps with more easy steps for how to dry bottles faster and better.

How to Dry Bottles

  1. Attach the handle to a drying head by screwing it on

  2. Insert the drying head, leading with a single drying arm for easiest access into smaller openings *

  3. Use the tip to push a drying arm against the side and all the way down to the bottom

  4. With the drying arm pinned down, wipe the corners dry

  5. Maneuver the drying head against the sides, going up and down, and all around, until the moisture is gone

  6. Remove DryMeister from the container and unscrew the drying head from the handle

  7. Air dry the damp drying head for reuse if it’s still clean. Dispose of the drying head if it’s dirty after use.

* 1" wide or bigger for Small drying heads, 1.25" wide or bigger for Standard drying heads



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