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Up Your Dry Game - Protect Your Wine Glasses From Water Spots

Spotty glassware is embarrassing. We surely don’t want to set spotty wine or champagne glasses out for someone to use. The culprit is oftentimes letting the glassware air dry or sit on wine glass drying racks before putting it away.

With DryMeister, you can quickly and easily dry glassware after washing and rinsing, leaving a spot-free finish. It’s also easier to dry items without the risk of glass breaking by trying to fit our hand inside, or using too much force. Up your dry game and get a DryMeister Starter Kit today.

"Air drying your glasses on top of a rack (or even just your counter) increases the risk of water spots forming. I strongly recommend drying your stemware immediately by hand after washing rather than just letting it drip dry itself." Maximilian Riedel, CEO and President of glassware company RIEDEL


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