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  • The Simple Trick to Dry Bottles and the Corners Inside

    To effectively dry water bottles after washing and rinsing them, be sure to shake out any excess water before using DryMeister to dry the inside. How It Works: Take a DryMeister drying head out of the wrapper - the Small size fits in openings 1" wide or greater, and the Standard size fits in openings 1.25” wide or greater. Attach the Handle to a Drying Head - simply screw the handle into the drying head. Insert DryMeister into your water bottle - maneuver the drying head inside to absorb and lock in any moisture. The corner at the base of a water bottle is often called the "heel". To get this dry, use the silicone tip to pin down or trap one of the drying arms into the heel. With some pressure, the drying arm will wick and lock the water in, leaving the heel dry. Heel: The lowest portion of the bottle where the body begins to curve into the base. Problems with other commonly used methods to dry water bottles include: Air Drying or Bottle Drying Rack: This method can take hours or days, it doesn’t work well in humid or cool environments, and it exposes the water bottle to dirt, dust, and scum build-up. Paper Towel: This method takes time and may leave paper fiber residue. Cloth Towel: This material is difficult to maneuver in small bottle openings, and is prone to exposing the inside to bacteria from using a dirty kitchen towel. Why Dry the Inside of Water Bottles? Ensuring proper drying of water bottles is essential for hygiene and preventing bacterial growth. Drying the bottom of your water bottle helps reduce scum and old water build-up that can turn into mold. Fast and effective drying allows you to properly store dried water bottles immediately after washing; this contributes to maintaining cleanliness and clutter-free kitchen countertops.

  • Got an Invention? DryMeister Founder Shares Her Journey with Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur

    Take a listen to this fascinating podcast about the down and dirty of what it takes to invent, patent, manufacture, import and bring a product to market, selling specifically on Amazon. Our Founder, Aimee Roberson, talks with Brian Lofrumento, host of Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur. Episode 651: From idea to innovation to INVENTION and launching w/ Aimee Roberson In today's episode, we're joined by a special guest, the talented inventor and entrepreneur, Aimee Roberson. Aimee has an incredible journey to share with us, from her background in media relations to becoming an empty-nester and eventually diving headfirst into the world of entrepreneurship. She invented a groundbreaking product called DryMeister, a drying tool for those hard-to-reach containers we all struggle with. We dive into Aimee's journey of bringing her product to market, from patenting to finding the right manufacturer, and facing the countless challenges and successes along the way. Stay tuned as Aimee shares her insights on the importance of iterative processes, drawing inspiration from other industries, and navigating the complex world of Amazon. ABOUT AIMEE Aimee Roberson graduated from the University of Southern California and worked in media relations in the motorcycle industry before becoming a full-time, stay-at-home mom. 22 years later, when her youngest went away to college and she and her husband were empty nesters, they decided not to make any big life changes for a year. But 5 months later, Covid hit. And it was then that she started her journey to become a business owner and entrepreneur. Aimee invented, patented, and brought to market a product called DryMeister under her company, Meister Solutions. DryMeister is a drying tool that dries the inside of containers that you can’t reach inside to dry - things like reusable water bottles, wine glasses, carafes, baby bottles, hydration packs, vases, etc. Just about anyone can benefit from using DryMeister.

  • Bottle Dryer Sold in 49 States and Counting

    Our bottle dryer, DryMeister, has reached customers in 49 states. So who is missing out on an innovative and effective kitchen gadget that dries the inside of containers that they can’t reach inside to dry? We'll give you a really big clue. It’s South Dakota. Surely South Dakotans use a large variety of containers year round like the rest of the country. They must use reusable water bottles, vases, carafes, travel mugs, wine glasses, hydration packs and baby bottles, just to name a few. Just because South Dakota is sparsely populated doesn’t mean people don’t need to dry these kinds of containers. The good news is that they don’t need to search ‘how to dry the inside of water bottles’ anymore. The solution is here. Instead of using dirty dish towels, use DryMeister to help reduce the risk of mold and bacteria from growing inside. Instead of sticking a wooden spoon and paper towel down inside something to try and get it dry, use DryMeister. If drying racks and air drying is their thing, think about this: drying racks take up too much countertop space, and air drying takes way too long, especially during South Dakota winters. Plus, air drying often leaves water spots and even scuzzy glass. So how about it South Dakota? Let’s get you drying faster, and better, with DryMeister.

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