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How to Dry Inside of Narrow Vases

Get the inside of your vase dry for a streak free shine.

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How to Dry Inside a Vase

Why use DryMeister to dry the

inside of your vases?

So how do you dry the inside of narrow vases? Drying them can be a challenging task due to their limited accessibility, shape or size. There are many articles written by bloggers and editors suggesting methods you can ‘try’. From paper towels to cotton balls, creative solutions are just that: creative. Truth is, they’re also cumbersome and ineffective. The only effective solution to dry the interior of narrow vases is DryMeister.

Paper towels are one of the most common items used to dry the inside of vases. However, whether they are inserted alone or wrapped around a kitchen utensil, they are an ineffective solution. They are hard to maneuver, don’t reach all of the moisture, and oftentimes get stuck inside. READ MORE

How It Works


Open Drying Head Wrapper

After you've washed, rinsed, and shaken out excess water from the vase, open up a DryMeister drying head.

DryMeister Drying Head


Attach Handle to

Drying Head

Simply attach the handle to the drying head by turning clockwise. Now, you're ready to dry.

How to Attach a DryMeister Drying Head


Quickly Dry


Maneuver the drying head inside the vase to absorb and lock in water droplets left inside after washing.

Dry the Inside of Vases

Quickly Dry the Inside
of Your Narrow Vases

DryMeister dries your vases right after it's been washed. Eliminate water spots and scum for a streak free finish.

Available at Amazon
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