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After becoming a DryMeister email subscriber, you will receive not only product updates, but also a single use coupon for 20% off all DryMeister products.

Thanks for drying with us!

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Watch DryMeister dry the inside of your

containers and hard-to-reach areas

How It Works


Open Drying Head Wrapper

After you've washed, rinsed, and shaken out excess water from the container, open up a DryMeister drying head.

DryMeister Drying Head


Attach Handle to

Drying Head

Simply attach the handle to the drying head by turning clockwise. Now, you're ready to dry.

How to Attach a DryMeister Drying Head


Quickly Dry


Maneuver the drying head inside the container to absorb and lock in water droplets left inside after washing.

Drying the Inside of Wine Glasses

Quickly Dry Your Water Bottles,
Wine Glasses, Baby Bottles,
and More

DryMeister dries the inside of your container right after it's been washed. Reduce the risks associated with air drying - water spots, scum, dust, mold, and breakage.

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